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Better sweet words over a bitter tea than bitter words over a sweet tea,” teaches us an ancient Chinese proverb. And we adapted its wisdom and offer you a delicious tea in a cozy atmosphere, away from the noise of the city.

Five millennia ago, the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung was tasting various plants until, of course, he became sick due to this unusual curiosity. He was running a high fever and his tongue was swollen, and there was no cure around apart from the leaves of a shrub.
Chewing them, although somewhat bitter, he suddenly felt restored. Then he picked more, to investigate at home, at length, becoming the first consumer to have a supply of tea.

We have taken care of it for you, selecting the finest varieties of tea, which we prepare with art. Just have a sit and enjoy the warm fragrance of the potion. Between sips, enjoy the beauty of the place. This house, first a small inn opened at around 1870, was owned by George Lecca, President of the Court of Cassation and Justice, and violinist in the orchestra of King Carol I. Not far from here, Admiral Urseanu, who gave his name to our street, built the famous Astronomy Observatory. Cradled in dreams born by the steam of tea, maybe you will see the two, chatting in the penumbra of a booth.logo fundal

Stay with us in this place dedicated to chatting and cultural surprises happening in the basement. At ARTea time takes a tea break. Let’s hear it purring like a gentle cat and have a hot cup and a cookie.
We are not in a hurry.